Today’s electronic music reviews session is about the album “My Setup is Upset” by Michael Brückner. Have fun listening!


Footage used in the session by Michael Brückner:

… Today we will have a look at the collected works of a man from Germany, who is really extremely diligent in what he obviously loves – the production of ambient and electronica. You can hear that he is very experimental, and not only from one album to another. No, also within the albums there are quite a few drastic style changes.

So you shouldn’t sit back in your armchair and expect that the next hour will be a quiet ambient-ish walk from beginning to end, just because the first minutes are dripping softly out of the speakers. With Michael Brückner, that’s the name of the workaholic master behind the keys and faders, it’s more like inside a supermarket of sounds. You know WHERE you are shopping for electronic music, but you don’t know what you will have in your shopping cart at the end. …



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