Good <insert your own time of day here> everyone, welcome to another edition of Extreme of the Extreme. Trust you’re all staying well and healthy in these times? Good, good. Let’s get those necks worked out now. This week, courtesy of Recorruptor and their brand new single “Souls of Limbo.” “Souls of Limbo” comes from the band’s upcoming second album The Funeral Corridor. Before even talking about the music one big piece of information to mention is that this was mastered by none other than River of Nihil guitarist, Brody Uttley.


Onto the meat and potatoes of this though, we are looking at a death metal band willing to bend the sound into whatever is needed at the time. This is a track full of hard hitting old school death metal breaks akin to that of the more mid tempo style Cannibal Corpse. Vocalist Clint A. Franklin even keeps true to this where it works for him, but has a tendency to include higher screams and more gutteral growls in where it works as well. For instance, if you cut to 2:04 in “Souls of Limbo”, this is where the song picks up to double speed, entering an almost grindcore like state. From here, if you look out your window on the left, you’ll notice guitarists Seth Earl and Dustin Cook shredding away.

Not everything is fun and games though, as Recorruptor make clear in their summary of “Souls of Limbo,” stating:

The Funeral Corridor is a testament to everything that Recorruptor embodies, from sheer velocity to concrete weight in the guitar riffing, the blasting drums, and the catastrophic vocalization. The Funeral Corridor is a concept record, creating one large story dealing with acceptance in loss, the inner decline of man, and the futility of disobeying the natural law of order. This is all set in a vivid landscape of terror, displayed through mystically dark euphemism and emotional grief. As the lyrics paint the picture, the instrumentation is the foundation and matches the idea of the lyricism in a pleasantly horrifying manner. “

On the bright side though, Recorruptor’s new album The Funeral Corridor releases August 21st and the band has some sweet pre-order options on their Bandcamp. So if you like what you hear from the song below, why not swing over and show these guys some support during these uncertain times, I’m sure they would do the same for you, right?

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