Speakers are speakers, and the difference between the best
and the worst is barely noticeable, right?

Wrong. With all the style options and wide range of prices,
choosing speakers and audio components can seem daunting. Choose correctly, and
you will hear and feel metal exactly as it was recorded with every detail as
clear as day. Choose wrong, and you are robbing yourself of the visceral
experience that makes each band (and each album) unique.

Most metal bands put a lot of work into both the artistry
and acoustic engineering of their recordings and fans should want to hear
everything the musicians intended, without compromise, from the bone-shaking
thud of the bass drum to the stomach-churning guttural vocals to the attack and
bite of the guitar riffs.

While there are a number of reasons why a high-quality speaker
system adds to the listening experience versus a cheaply made one, here are a five
of the most important:

1. Less distortion at higher volume

Granted, there is some amount of purposeful distortion in
metal, but there’s a difference between intentional distortion, like on guitars
or growled vocals, and unintentional distortion on the entire song due to cheap
components. A good speaker system reproduces the intended distortion accurately
without adding its own. Plus, musicians don’t add distortion to everything;
some sounds are supposed to be super-clean, but you might not hear that on a
lesser system which can smear notes together and muddy up the soundstage. Metal
is generally enjoyed best at high volumes, which causes cheap systems to
distort badly and even sound grating on the ears. A good system will sound clear
even at peak volume, so it pays to invest a bit more in higher quality gear to
hear all that aggressive output cleanly.

2. Wide dynamic range

Dynamic range refers to a system’s ability to go from a
whisper or soft musical note to a blood-curdling scream or pounding blast beat
at the drop of a dime, which is simply not possible from a soulless smart
speaker or soundbar. While most metal is meant to be played loud, there are
some exceptions. Bands like Opeth have built a career on the juxtaposition of
death metal and quiet, acoustic passages, a formula that’s since been copied ad
infinitum. A great speaker system should be able to render wide dynamic range
to provide a wholly convincing experience.

3. Pristine clarity

Quality audio gear should accurately reproduce the full
range of audible frequencies, from the deepest, darkest, thundering bass lines
to the shrillest guitar shredding, with no sloppy transitions or over-emphasis
on specific notes. A speaker system’s job is to get out of the way and unleash
playback of the recording exactly as the artist or musician intended. Poor
systems over-emphasize the midrange and crap out at the extreme ends of the
frequency spectrum, so they sound dull and wimpy, robbing you of the immersive
experience metalheads crave.

4. Heart-pounding bass you can feel

Speaking of bass, to get the most out of your audio system, you
definitely need a subwoofer in addition to the main speakers. Subwoofers are
dedicated solely to playing low frequencies, making it essential for any metal
fan’s system. Subwoofers produce that chest-pounding we crave that allows you
to feel as close to the live experience as possible.

5. Pinpoint soundstage and imaging

A great speaker system creates a wide and detailed sonic image,
so it doesn’t feel like you’re just listening to sound coming from boxes in
front of you. Imagine a three-dimensional soundfield that envelops you in the
music with sound coming from all around instead of the traditional left and
right channels you’re accustomed to. That so-called soundstage lets you feel
like you’re in the recording studio or at a concert, with sound coming from all
directions. A system with a broad soundstage typically offers solid imaging, letting
you pick out each musician as their sounds appear to come from different locations.

A premium speaker system is a benefit not only to metal, but to all types of music, not to mention movies and video games. Of course, you can spend virtually limitless amounts of money chasing sonic perfection, but with a little research, metalheads can easily identify which components will deliver the best bang for their buck.

When it comes to speakers and subwoofers, SVS offers thrilling and immersive sound and
unmatched performance for the price. All the qualities listed above; ultra-low
distortion, wide dynamic range, crystal-clear sound, exceptional soundstage and
imaging, and kick-ass bass from its subwoofers, all for far less than you would
expect for such high performance.

SVS also offers a Customer Bill of Rights,
which includes a 45-Day in-home trial, free shipping and returns, 5-Year
unconditional warranty and more so you can make the decision in your own home
if the gear is right for you.

Once you have a good audio system up and running, it’s time to thrash your way to sweet oblivion!


This post is sponsored by SVS.

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