In this episode of TAXI TV, Erin Jacobson, will join us to answer all of your burning music law questions!

Erin Jacobson is hands-down the most popular Music Attorney who has ever graced the stage at our convention – the TAXI Road Rally! Why?

Because it’s obvious to the songwriters, artists, and composers in our audience, that she actually gives a damn about them!

And that’s exactly why we love having Erin as our guest on TAXI TV.

Here are some questions we cover:

If I live in California, and I hire a band for a gig, does that new law (AB 5) apply to me? And if so, how?

What are some typical elements of an internal band contract?

What do production music libraries do to earn half the money?

Do sync agents, who get a commission, have to be licensed talent agents like the ones who work for actors?

Do I get money from SAG/AFTRA when my music is on TV?

What if I didn’t write the music, but I played an instrument or sang on a commercial… am I owed money for that?

Is there anything like a cue sheet that I need to fill out when I play live gigs to make sure I get performance royalties?

How much trouble can I get in if my music is synced in a TV show, and I didn’t get work-for-hire agreements signed by the other musicians who played on the song?

What is fair use and why does it matter to me?

As more and more people “cut the cord” and quit paying for network and cable TV, won’t my licensing income drop precipitously when most of it comes from streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, etc., that pay really low fees?

Here’s Erin’s bio.:
Erin M. Jacobson is a music attorney whose clients include Grammy and Emmy Award winners, legacy clients and catalogues, songwriters, music publishers, record labels, and independent artists and companies. She is based in Los Angeles where she handles a wide variety of music agreements and negotiations, in addition to owning and overseeing all operations for Indie Artist Resource, the independent musician’s resource for legal and business protection.

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*****Opinions expressed during this episode or in any edited segments of this episode of TAXI TV do not constitute legal advice.*****


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