The Sword are known for toking a joint or two in their day, so when guitarist Kyle Shutt appeared on the most recent edition of the Metal Injection Livecast to talk about his current fundraiser for a memoir he plans to write, I had a simple question for him – which artist, that has smoked you up, had the best weed? Who has the best weed in rock. Shutt didn’t even have to think about it, he immediately responded Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett.

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“Kirk Hammett,” Shutt exclaimed. “He had this shit called “Romulan” one time, which was, probably, the best weed I ever smoked.”

Weed review site Leafly describes the strain, named after a Star Trek alein as a “powerful indica revered for its potent therapeutic qualities. Romulan lends itself to intense cerebral effects.”

Shutt also gave a big shout out to “Clutch, but that goes without saying. Those guys are made out of weed.” Shutt also revealed that the Clutch fellas put his band in touch with Willie Nelson’s weed dealer in Nashville. “We bought an ounce of that Willie weed, not his brand, but this was the stuff that Willie would buy when he would roll through Nashville. Wow, that was incredible.”

Talking about weed, made Shutt reminisce about another story about touring with Metallica. “We got a bag of weed one time called ‘God’s Gift,’ and it was the stinkiest weed ever. When we were on tour with Metallica, they didn’t really care what we did, but they would usually put our dressing room far away from their’s, so we could whatever we wanted. Smoke weed, and they wouldn’t bother us.”

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“But if it ever was a venue where our dressing rooms were wall-to-wall attached to each other, they would just ask that we didn’t smoke in our dressing room, so that no smoke would get in their room and bother them. And, we were totally respectful of that. No bones about it.”

“So we had this bag of ‘God’s Gift,’ we weren’t even smoking it. We were just hanging out backstage, breaking it up, to take all the stems out. They came and knocked on our door like Hey guys, you know you can’t smoke in here, what are you doing? And we’re like, we’re not even smoking it, we’re just breaking it up, and they looked at the weed and they were like… Wow… anyway, would you mind taking that outside?”

Sounds like we all need some God’s Gift. Hear the entire, hilarious, conversation with Kyle right at the top of the most recent Livecast, embedded below. And, make sure to chip in a few bucks to Kyle’s fundraiser for his memoir, so you can hear more great stories like this.

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