Good morning, afternoon, evening, or whatever time of day you choose for it to be everyone. Welcome to another great Wednesday of Extreme of the Extreme. This week, black metal band Lord Almighty offer up a sneak peak at their new album Wither, which officially releases this Friday.

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For those unfamiliar, Lord Almighty are a black metal band out of the US with influences from everywhere. From the sheer intensity of Napalm Death, the cold black metal riffs of Immortal, and even some more subtle and sludge metal style sections akin to Mastodon.

While these bits are prevalent throughout the entirety of the release, the best song to use as reference is the second on the album, “Sundown”. “Sundown” manages to jump between pure attack power with aggressive, black metal style riffs. Intertwined with these riffs are more progressive, cleaner styles of playing. Progressive, and sludge influenced, like that of Crack the Skye.

These styles continue, with some song being more influenced by the progressive side. While others are more similar to the power of extreme metal. Lord Almighty found a perfect blend in each song that meld together from riff to riff and song to song.

As mentioned above, while Wither isn’t officially out until Friday, Lord Almighty have been kind enough to let us listen to it a couple days early. The kindest thing you can do (outside of listening and sharing the new album) is pick up the album! You can pick up the album physically on vinyl or digitally.

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