Butcher Babies is back with their first new song in three years “Bottom of a Bottle”, which finds the band entering an almost country-like heaviness previously unheard in their sound. The song comes from Butcher Babies’ new record due out in 2021/

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“It was a beautiful, summer evening in the Arizona desert when ‘Bottom Of A Bottle’ was created,” said vocalist Heidi Shepherd. “I sat outside watching the sunset while sipping on a drink and realized that all the inspiration I needed was all around me.”

“This song is a product of the environment it was created in. In that moment, I was the guy at the end of the bar telling stories from yesterday-year. I’ve been there a time or two so the lyrics just flowed. This song holds a special place in my heart because of that exact moment. We’ve been sitting on this song for a long time so I cannot wait for our fanbase to take the trip with us!”

“Haven’t we all been at the bottom of the bottle at some point?” added vocalist Carla Harvey. “Name a better way to to commiserate about it than by writing an anthem that turns the heartache into a celebration. We are pumped to finally release some new tunes that showcase a different side of who we are, yet remain uniquely Butcher Babies.”

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