**Spoilers for ‘You’ seasons one and two below**

After a year of waiting, Netflix gave us the perfect late-Christmas pressie last year when it dropped season two of its highly-bingeable, psychological thriller You on Boxing Day. Just like in 2018 when the first batch of episodes appeared announced, chain-watching the series was the perfect accompaniment to your festive food coma.

This time around, terrifying, serial-killer anti-hero Joe (Penn Badgley) had moved to Los Angeles and assumed the new (stolen) identity of Will Bettleheim. He’s running away from the events of season one where he killed his girlfriend Beck (Elixabeth Lail) and framed her therapist for the murder. There’s also the shock reappearance of ex-girlfriend Candace (Ambyr Childers), previously assumed dead. Later in LA, Joe falls for Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) – a seemingly wholesome kitchen manager with a secret of her own – at a store he works in; but it’s not long until our protagonist gets tangled in a new web of lies.

If, like us, you smashed through the second season even quicker than the first, you’ll be hoping for more episodes soon. Here’s everything we know about You season 3.

You season 2
Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) in ‘You’. Credit: Netflix

You season 3 release date: is the series returning to Netflix?

Yes! Netflix is renewing the show for a 10-episode third season.

The streamer confirmed yesterday (November 2) that production had resumed, sharing a photo of Badgley on social media wearing a themed mask on set.

“We recommend you stay at least 6 feet from Joe Goldberg at all times,” Netflix captioned the post.

You season 3 trailer: have any trailers for the next season been released?

Not yet. But we’ll keep you posted!

You season 3
Victoria Pedretti and Penn Badgley in ‘You’. Credit: Netflix

You season 3 cast: who’s going to be in the third season of the show?

Penn Badgley will return as serial killer Joe Goldberg, and Victoria Pedretti will be reprising her role as murderous GF Love Quinn. Could we also see more from their mysterious new neighbour – who you see Joe spying on at the end of season two?

Scott Speedman will also be joining the show as Matthew, a CEO set to affect Joe’s story in a way not yet determined.

You season three plot: what will happen?

The end of season two was dramatic, and in among the chaos we found out that Love is pregnant with Joe’s child. We then saw the couple move into a new home in a Los Angeles suburb. In season three, could we see them attempting to adjust to family life with a new sprog on the way? Maybe it’s time Joe turned over a new leaf…

Towards the end of season two, we found out more about Love’s mother, and showrunner Patrick Gamble told Entertainment Weekly that could continue in a further season: “The stakes are pretty high. I have so many questions about Love’s mother who’s incredibly in the picture at the end of the season, like how much she really knows about her children. We wrote [the finale] hoping that we will get the opportunity to tell more story because we’re really excited with the seeds planted at the end of season two.”

You season 3 theories: who is Joe’s new neighbour, and will they be a major character?

At the end of the season we see Joe peering through the fence to spy on his new neighbour, telling the viewers: “This is just the beginning, because this is where I had to be exactly where I had to be to meet you.” So who is the mystery new character?

Whilst some suspect it could be Joe’s next target, one theory is that it’s going to be his mother, who we met in various flashbacks throughout season two.

Another theory is that it’s Joe’s half-sister, who his mother gave birth to after leaving him – and Joe’s now locked her in as the next target.

‘You’ season two is streaming now on Netflix

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