Welcome to another great Thursday of Extreme of the Extreme. Also happy Thanksgiving to all of the American readers out there! This week, featuring the death metal supergroup Heads For The Dead. Heads For The Dead will be releasing their new album Into The Red with Transcending Obscurity Records and have offered up a chance to hear a new single.

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“Creatures Of the Monolith” is a much more mid-tempo death metal track. The song is heavy and groovy from beginning to end, featuring a mostly simple, but extremely catchy main riff. Featuring Ed Warbie (ex-Hail Of Bullets) on drums, Ralph Hauber (Revel In Flesh) handling vocals and lyrics, and Johnny Pettersson (Wombbath, Henry Kane) handing all other instrumentals.

“Creatures Of the Monolith” is a song that certainly displays Hauber’s vocal prowess more than anything else. Absolutely the riffs, the drum beats, and everything else is crafted incredibly well, but the vocals on this track are the stand out. Maintaining a more melodic death metal, mid-tempo style Hauber pelts his way through this six minute monster of a track. With a few surprised, like higher screams akin to that of Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth) in a couple small sections, it’s certainly no surprise why Heaber was the man for the job.

The new Heads For The Dead track, “Creatures Of the Monolith” is available below right now for you to hear. If you like what you hear, I highly suggest you pick up the album either digitally on Bandcamp (check out the price) or physically on Bandcamp or the label store.

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