Vocalist Jesse Leach (Killswitch Engage, Times of Grace) is back with a new track from his The Way Back Within project titled “Serene Sevens”. Leach completely forgoes any heaviness in favor of much more peaceful sounds, and it’s really great.

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“New ambient track. This is my interpretation of how walks in nature make me feel,” said Leach. “During this past year (and for most of my life) nature is my solace and my reset. Living in the Catskills has been an absolute blessing for my mental health. I hope you enjoy my little creation (clocking in at 4:44 intentionally).

“This track and all of my ambient music is created specifically for soothing the anxious mind and creating a refuge for breath and clarity. All music and visuals captured by yours truly and inspired by natureā€¦”

“Serene Sevens” is available through Bandcamp here.

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