This album is dedicated to Colin – who lost his life 2 weeks after his 18th birthday to suicide. With their debut album “No Offense”, the band will be donating 50% of all proceeds to mental health charities – which will be chosen by Colin’s mother in his memory.


Digital Copy:


1. Admit It, You’re A Paedophile
2. Greenpeace Is Fucking Stupid
3. I Locked A Vegetarian In A Slaughterhouse
4. [CENSORED] Is The Coolest Guy On Earth
5. [CENSORED] Is A Waterbuffalo
6. Communism Is Dumb, It Attracts A Lot Of Fucking Idiots
7. Harold Shipman Is Cool
8. I Remember You From A Feminist Rally
9. Your Band Sucks
10. I Saw Your Face On The Front Of Caravan Weekly
11. I Lured A Homo Into A Neo-Nazi Meeting
12. I Sent Pictures Of The Gary Glitter Trial To You’ve Been Framed
13. I Wish I Could Be In Limp Bizkit
14. I Like Sigur Ros Because They Remind Me Of Child Abuse Adverts
15. I’m Glad You Got Raped You Fucking Goth
16. I’m Going To Set Up Marriage Counselling In Moscow
17. Korn Are The Gayest Band On Earth
18. Motor Neuron Disease Is Pretty Funny
19. No-one Likes You, You Dumb Fucking Goth
20. You Have No Friends
21. Skaters Are Stupid Cunts
22. Snuff Movies Are Brilliant
23. I Think Everyone Should Have A Positive Attitude
24. Your Parents Drowned You For A Reason
25. You’re Kids Are In My Attic
26. Cultural Appropriation
27. You’re A Non-Binary Transgender Cunt
28. Suicide Rates Have Risen Since I Joined The Samaritans
29. Perseverance



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