Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith and Richie Kotzen, of the rock supergroup The Winery Dogs, have just released their second, bluesy gem “Scars.” Working under the dual moniker, Smith/Kotzen, the two have,

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The track captures the moody and downtrodden vibe of old school blues, accentuated by Smith’s doleful vocals and some shredding guitar playing. As the song progresses, and Kotzen’s powerful vocals come into the mix, the tempo picks up and the song shifts gears. The duo co-wrote and co-produced the song as well as sharing guitars and vocals, with Kotzen also tackling bass and drums as well.

Kotzen says, ‘I remember ‘Scars’ being one of the songs we wrote in the very beginning of the process. There is something moody and mysterious going on in this track that I find quite engaging. This would be a great track for us to stretch out live for some guitar improvisation between the two of us.”

Their upcoming self-titled album is due out March 26th. You can pre-order it HERE.

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