Kansas-based hardcore outfit Revisionist has dropped a furious video for “Half Moon,” the latest single from the quartet’s upcoming EP, The Emptiness of Gravity. Unrelenting, simple and devoid of any gimmicks, Revisionist is a strong throwback to the early 2000s-era hardcore and metal.

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The track itself pulls no punches, with just the right amount of chaos and scathing vocals that perfectly complement the classic hardcore structure.

Vocalist Eric Martin comments on the video: “We wrote this almost entirely in the studio and it just came together. It is definitely the most unique song on the EP, I think it’s going to catch people off guard in a good way.”

“‘Half Moon’ just drips vibe. Creating movement with dynamics that just drip rock and roll,’ adds guitarist Josh Barbee.

The Emptiness of Gravity track listing:

  1. Violence Golden
  2. Half Moon
  3. Deathbed Kings
  4. Panic Burn
  5. Wasteland Dreams
  6. Night Chills

Get more from Revisionst HERE.

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