Rammstein have been known to have some merch that’s a bit out there, but now they are going for fashion. The German industrial icons have teased a new collaboration with high-end luxury brand Balenciaga, aka the brand that makes those shoes that look like socks.

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The fashin brand announced the collaboration last week on social media writing “Rammstein for Balenciaga Music, Playlist and Merch, Coming Soon.”

Two teasers have been posted so far, featuring people dancing to Rammstein’s music in situations that don’t quite match.

It looks as if the line is being released tomorrow. As one fan tweeted in response, “my bank account is crying.”

In 2016, a fashion magazine called heavy metal “the look of the summer,” and plenty of high-end labels have dabbled in metal looks, some have even had corpse paint on fashion runways, and certain celebrities have paid top dollar for vintage gear, so it will be interesting to see what comes of this.

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